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Additional Marketing and Business Resources and Tools for Self-Employed, Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietorships, Freelancers, and Small Business Owners.

Independent Contractor/ Entrepreneurial Resources

These resources and tools are some of the products and services that we currently or previously have used to help build our business and side hustles. So take a look around and find the resources and tools that you need to overcome some of the challenges that you are experiencing.


Whether you need help with social media marketing assistance, to mobile app development, animation work, chat box development, and more, Fiverr is your one stop shop. Get help with X, Y, and Z, today!

M1 Finance

One of my favorite investing platforms, M1 Finance stands out from other platforms because of their customer friendly experience and portfolio pies. I also love fractional shares which helps to push M1 Finance ahead of other investing platforms so you can start planning for your retirement today.


Webull is another investment platform that is highly recommended especially as you start to think about your retirement. This is often overlooked by self-employed so sign up with Webull, start a brokerage account with at least $100 and you can get 2 free stocks worth up $1400!

Instructional and How-to Videos designed to help you achieve your goals today.