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EIDL Update – No Money, But the PPP is Still Available for Self-Employed, Independent Contractors, and Sole-Proprietorships

So, have you heard about the free money for self-employed? Yea, you know – the free $1,000 that was originally supposed to be $10,000! Well, here’s the lasted EIDL Update for ya’ll!

Many of you were unfortunately late to the party since all of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan money has been distributed to millions of small business owners and self-employed whose businesses were impacted by the Rona. This certainly isn’t what many of you want to hear especially since some states are starting to lockdown for a second time after prematurely opening up. But that doesn’t mean you are entirely out of luck. Along with the EIDL is the PPP which is another program designed to help us small business owners, sole-proprietorships, self-employed, and independent contractors. Watch the video down below for the latest EIDL Update!

And if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to visit our Paycheck Protection Program Course to learn more, including a step-by-step instructional video that shows you how we applied. And don’t procrastinate, you don’t want to miss out on free money twice so visit the PPP course now!

Did you apply for the EIDL or PPP? Did you get approved? If so, did you take them or what?

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